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Our studio is starting its journey in the gaming industry. Our games will be inspired by our unique art and designs. In addition, our ambition is to build a virtual world with a remarkable architectural and artistic environment.

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Why should you join our community?

Benefits | Coin

Proof of Ownership

Each owner of our Howly Owly NFT owns the commercial usage rights to their NFT. You can use them as you wish!

Benefits | Game

Play-to-Earn Game

Our three collections will be used as characters in our game which will become a play-to-earn when released.

Benefits | Crown


Each Howly Owly is hand drawn and has a unique collection of attributes which will affect your stats in our Artiverse game.



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More details about rarities on our discord | Coming soon!

Our Amazing Team

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Owly Gamer

Game Developer

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Mr. Robot

Project Manager

We are a humble team trying to bring out the passionate child inside each one of our followers by our creative art and storytelling games which contain a message to increase awareness about some of the world problems such as climate change and so on.

Lots of people consider gaming as a waste of time but for sensitive people it is a way of releasing stress and the cruel reality. Our aim is to build an artistic virtual world where players can travel to another parallel universe and discovering new horizons.

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